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30th Dec 2008, 09:35 pm
I am preparing a presentation using AutoCAD 2008. We have all of our floor plans drawn to scale and would like to make them appear like they were drawn as isometrics so we can "stack" them so the floor planes correspond with where the floor would be if we drew an isometric of the building. I have done some 3D work and know there is a way to see a drawing as an isometric, I even found the "view SE isometric" etc. in the 'toolbars' in the 'view' menu, but when I click on it to add it to the toolbars I see, nothing happens! :?
Also, does this sound like the most logical way of presenting this way. The other way I was thinking was to use the 3D orbit, but am not sure how to set it so it shows the drawing as a true isometric instead of my best guess as to the 30/60/90 degree lines.
I really don't feel like re-drawing 8 floor plans to make them look isometric!
p.s. I am a typer! If there is a keystroke sequence that will give me the various views, I like that even more than having an extra icon crowding my screen!

30th Dec 2008, 09:56 pm
Are all the floor plans in one drawing or in multiple drawings?

30th Dec 2008, 09:59 pm
All the floor plans, in model space in one drawing

30th Dec 2008, 10:00 pm
You do not need to add anything to an existing Toolbar to get the view you want.

Open the drawing with your floor plan (plan view, right?). Make sure the UCS icon is displayed. To see it in an isometric-like view repeat what you did before. From the VIEW pull-down menu click on 3D Views then on SE Isometric. This is the "view" you're looking for, right? Let me know if you're following along with this.

30th Dec 2008, 10:07 pm
thumping head against desk....
I have no idea why I was thinking I used to have that as a separate toolbar. I really need to brush up on my 3D stuff!!
thank you kindly!!

30th Dec 2008, 10:19 pm
With all eight floor plans in one model space drawing your task is to get into the proper viewing plane (SE Isometric) then stack the floor plans one above the other with a separation distance between them that allows for a full view of what is on each floor. You do not want to stack them so close that one floor plan overlaps the floor plan below it. Make sense? Do you have any idea on how to proceed?

30th Dec 2008, 10:22 pm
yep, I have it now! thank you!
I knew that the isometric view commands existed, I just thought they were on a toolbar and not in a drop down menu. Now I just have to create a viewport that is the correct shape so I only get the plan I want, then stack them all up!

30th Dec 2008, 10:28 pm
You're working in model space at the moment. Why do you want to create a viewport?

30th Dec 2008, 10:33 pm
An example of stacked floor plans.

This example uses eight 10'x12' floor plans numbered consecutively for demonstration purposes. In the foreground we see the eight floor plans grouped in two rows of four each. A reference line is drawn vertically in the lower left hand corner at a height of 12' (your UCS will have to be rotated to do this).

In the background we see the eight floor plans "stacked" one above the other such that there is no overlapping of objects. The reference line is moved vertically as the floor plans are stacked to give us a point to snap to. It is shown in its final position between floors 7 and 8. It can be erased when stacking is complete.


31st Dec 2008, 02:31 am
viewport 1,-1,1 or use the buttons?

2nd Jan 2009, 06:14 pm
I did not want to actually "stack" the drawings in model space because we are potentially going to still change the plans, therefore I wanted to keep them all in the same plane. I simply wanted to make them appear to be stacked when I put a presentation together in paperspace. I have achieved this. Thank you for your help.