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Lee Mac
6th Feb 2009, 01:39 pm
Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is enjoying their day :)

Just a quick question:

The other day I happened to be writing a LISP (as you do) and when I want some information on a function that I am using, in the Visual LISP Editor I would double click the function to highlight it and click on the little help icon.

However, it seems that quite a few functions are recognised by the Visual LISP Editor (i.e. they turn blue when you type them) and yet, when I press the help icon, it returns "Page cannot be displayed".

I would be interested if anyone else has this problem, and would welcome any suggestions as to how to overcome it :(

Thanks Guys,


6th Feb 2009, 04:16 pm
The documentation for visual LISP is derived from the visual basic help and is incomplete at times.
If you open VBAIDE and use the HELP found there it is more complete but you must eliminate the
prefix vla or vlax when hunting for the help.

If that doesn't do it post the offending function name. :)

Lee Mac
6th Feb 2009, 04:34 pm
Thanks for the help CAB, I have had a quick look into the VBAIDE and see there is a large help file to peruse through.

The function that was causing me grief was vl-string->list.

I have found information on it using a LISP Reference manual from ACAD 2000, but there seems to be no documentation on it in the VLIDE Help. (well, none when you double click on the function and hit the help icon anyway).

Thanks once again for your reply



6th Feb 2009, 04:49 pm
That's strange, I too use ACAD2000 and it's in my help file.

Lee Mac
6th Feb 2009, 04:53 pm
Sorry CAB, I should've explained a bit better,

I found the documentation on it in a reference for ACAD 2000, but in the ACAD 2004 VLIDE help, there is nothing... :(

Lee Mac
6th Feb 2009, 04:55 pm
This is the result I get:

6th Feb 2009, 11:08 pm
My ACAD2004 does the same thing. Must be a bug :)

Lee Mac
6th Feb 2009, 11:21 pm
Haha nice :lol:

Well, at least its not unique to my computer :)

Thanks for your time CAB, much appreciated.