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9th Mar 2009, 02:51 am
Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm building this stair way and I have all of the posts and the railings except those that are on an angle. Now how would I go about extruding those? The poly line tool only seems to want to be horizontal and the bpoly command won't recognize it in plan or any other view.

I've also tried changing the UCS with no avail. Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance.

9th Mar 2009, 04:36 am
You could either create a 2d profile of the entire length of that section of railing including the height and angles at both ends then extrude the width and rotate it after.

Or, you could create a profile of the end of the railing and sweep it along a path, (such as the lines you have already), however, by default the sweep command uses the center of the profile as the base point, so sweeping along your existing paths would offset the railing high and left or high and right depending on the line you choose as a path.

You can either move the base point on the profile or an easier way would be just create a new path using the centers of each post.

I think the first method would be much easier since you will have already created the angles on the top and bottom, where, by the sweep command you would have solid hitting solid conflicts you would need to clean up.

Hope this helps


9th Mar 2009, 07:49 am
I did it by rotating the UCS. See the images. Sorry for the collors, this is the first time I touch AutoCAD 2k7 and I am a litle bit lost with the new settings. Anyway; I changed the UCS as in the image, I drew the red rectangles and I extruded them. Now you may union together the parts of the handrail.

9th Mar 2009, 09:06 pm
Hey thanks guys for the response. I figured it out it a little later after I posted and it was exactly what you posted. I just messed around with the UCS and I eventually got it. Thanks again, much appreciated.

9th Mar 2009, 09:22 pm
just as another method I did it with a profile of my tubing and a single line. draw your tubing(as it would hit your hand rail so it wont be a square anymore) then draw a line from one corner of your profile up to where you want it to go. Use the sweep command, if you are using 07 or newer select your profile, then the alignment option, N for no, then the Base point option, select a point on your profile where you want the path line to align to(note, your profile can be anywhere but your path needs to be where you want the solid(or surface) to be.) then select your path and voila. In the figure on the left i have a profile at the bottom and top of my path but only for visualization, the top one is not needed. If you do not change the alignment option to No, your path will be perpendicular to your profile, in which case you would need to slice the end after.

edit, kencaz said to use sweep but i wanted to show you didnt need a centerline path.