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14th Apr 2009, 12:25 pm
I'm trying to make a handle with curve. I tried loft, didnt work, then i tried lofted surface and it kind of works but when i try to put sketch6 as a guide it doesnt work anymore. It says guide curve 2 doesnt intersect with section 1. I'm sure it has something to do with constrains, but that is the problem...i have no clue what i did wrong. To me. it looks like everything is attached. I'm trying for two days with no luck. Hope someone can take a look and show me what i did wrong.

14th Apr 2009, 01:47 pm
ill try to take a look at it for you. What version of SW are you using?

14th Apr 2009, 02:32 pm
I'm using 08. Hope that's okay. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

14th Apr 2009, 05:05 pm
alright im going to need some help with what you are trying to do.

are you trying to loft 3dsketch 1(which doesnt need to be 3d by the way) and sketch 6 and sketch2

How did you arrive at the shapes? What are you trying to do with the model?

14th Apr 2009, 06:16 pm
I'l try to explain. Hope i'll make sence. Its knife handle. I could use fillet, but that isnt good enough. The shape is important, since it will be used for realistic rendering for a knife company(the design isnt mine.) There will need to be additional cutouts(but not all the way through) on the handle. Sketch2 is the aprocsiame shape from top view, sketch 6 i was hoping to be guide for the shape of the curve the handle should have.

First i did sketch2 on FP, then i did sketch3, then 3d sketch(that i didnt know could be just sketch, i presume on plane) and finally sketch 6. I tried to make everything connected, but obviously i'm missing some procedure. What that is, i hope you could help me figure that out. This handle is really giving me headacke. I'm sure there is better and corect way of making this handle, but it seems i'm at more basic level then i hoped. Obviously:) I'm more then happy to send you handle drawing over PM, if that would help you.

I'm really greatfull to you for taking your time and helping me!

JD Mather
14th Apr 2009, 06:40 pm
I'm sure there is better and corect way of making this handle, but it seems i'm at more basic level then i hoped.

Go through the SolidWorks tutorials from the link in my signature. You will need to learn how to use the Pierce relation and a bit more.

14th Apr 2009, 07:00 pm
if you have a picture or drawing of what the handle should look like that would help out.

14th Apr 2009, 09:30 pm
shift1313, here is the picture. Hope it helps. i shouldnt really post it on the net, but i dont know how to PM you.

JD Mather, i actually looked at some of your tutorials before, but i'm a bit short on time and have to figure what i'm doing wrong quickly. Will go over your tutorials in more debt when time permits, but i really hope someone can tell me, look you have to do this, then that, you did that wrong. I know, it sounds a bit over the top to expect that, but i can hope:) Sorry if i sound like an *******. Not my intent. Really.

Thank you both for taking your time and replying. I'm greatfull.

JD Mather
14th Apr 2009, 09:39 pm
... but i'm a bit short on time and have to figure what i'm doing wrong quickly.

Is this a school assignment?

Short of finding someone to do it for you I think the quickest way is for you to take a beginner and advanced user class and work with the software for about 6 months minimum. I noticed your original post on another site and it doesn't appear you have had any training.

You are not ready for 3D sketches and not using them appropriately.
2D sketching with fully constrained sketches is usually mastered first.

The problem itself should look pretty simple in about 6 months. Good luck.

14th Apr 2009, 11:05 pm
hey tomso. there is a post limit before you can send pms i think. unfortunately the picture doesnt really help me too much:)

There are many ways to make that shape and you really do need an understanding of some basic things first.

If i were you i would start from scratch. The stuff you have there is too hard to work with.

I would make one set of construction/reference lines and use the convert entities to bring them into each sketch for your constraints. Make sure you select them and make them construction lines once you use the convert entities button in a sketch.

I think the easiest way to make this shape since you are just looking for a visual reference and not an exact model is to draw the top view like you had, extrude that into a solid, then draw a single cross section and a guide curve. make a swept surface and use this to cut your solid. I tried messing with your file for a little bit after work and i just couldnt get it to work out without redrawing everything.

hopefully what i said made sense.

15th Apr 2009, 01:31 pm
I did see a handle that was made with similar approach following the link provided from the site i posted before, but there wasn't SW file attached. Shame. cause it would help.
Thank you again for all your help, shift1313! You are a very kind person. I did get a bit better picture of what i'm doing wrong. Now i just need to follow your advices, and ofcourse read some more tutorials.

15th Apr 2009, 01:33 pm
how much time do you have to complete this and in what context is it? You said it was for a presentation. If you have the time it is certainly very beneficial to work through some tutorials that JD has put together.

typically the fewer control points, curves etc will make a much more stable shape. You can use splines instead of multiple arcs. splines have control points where you can change the degree and strength of the point by dragging these controlers around at the inflection point. there are also curvature combs you can turn on to help control your shape. ill try to draw something this morning to show you what i mean.

15th Apr 2009, 01:44 pm
I think at the end of this week. Its okay, they will have to understand that i needed more time.
They sometimes use my renders on their site as prototype image. I used to work in 3d max, but changed to SW cause i think its much more controllable and smarter program. The only thing that is complicated are more complex surfaces...and they sure are complicated to make. 6 months of training so a simple handle would be easy to make...damn, that's a lot.

JD Mather
15th Apr 2009, 01:48 pm
...6 months of training so a simple handle would be easy to make...damn, that's a lot.

This is a professional program and requires a professional level of preparation. With experience I think you could whip out a very very nice model in an hour or two. But my standards of quality might be quite different from others. You have already made some progress from your original post on the other forum.