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25th Jun 2009, 02:49 pm
Hi, I've got a following problem:

Is it possible in autocad to simplify a drawing? I mean, I have a complicated drawing and i want to plot it in 1:100, so I want to get rid of unnecessary lines, because i dont want my project to look like a spider web.
thanks for help

25th Jun 2009, 03:05 pm
well, there is nothing in AutoCAD where you can hit a button and get a good-looking drawing (it would be awesome though..)

What you can do is use the Layer system to On/Thaw and Off/Freeze certain layers on certain plots/in certain viewports. You can use the Freeze in Viewport alternative in the Layer Manager to have a different look in different viewports on the same drawing.

I see that you are using AutoCAD 2009 - then you can use Annotative text to have texted displayed only in certain scales, that takes some setting up though to make it work properly, but worth it in the end.

25th Jun 2009, 03:10 pm
Well, I thought there is a function that ,for instance, joins two lines if they are too close or something.

Anyway, thanks for help :)