View Full Version : xrefs renamed in 500 drawings

25th Jun 2009, 06:55 pm
My problem is...

I have about 500 drawings that had a title block named 063-ESIZE. Well there has been a change to the title block and the new name is something else. I know that I can go into each drawing and manually detach and reattach the new one. But I want to know if there is a faster way of doing this.

I have used reference manager to change the paths before but you can not change the name of the file in there. I know there has to my a lisp out there or something.

Thank you.

14th Jul 2009, 05:34 am
I would suggest that you create a script file to run across all your drawings. Simply work through the commands required to detach the xref, then set the current layer you need, attach the xref, and save the drawing. You will need to see how to run the commands from the command line, as dialog boxes won't help in running a script.Repeat as required. You will need a script utility, Autocad has one called Scriptpro that you can download.
Hope this puts you on the right path.:)