View Full Version : 2009 -> 2005 Oddities

17th Aug 2009, 09:00 pm
When I first trialed Acad 2009 it said that it was compatible with 2004/2005 however I keep having little problems when my boss opens my 09 files in his 05 Acad.

For instance, using Multi-Leaders in 2009 (I assume because of the MLeader Styles) become untouchable objects in 2005. If my boss explodes a block with mLeaders in it they disappear.

Is there a patch or something like that for 2005 to be compatible with 2009?

17th Aug 2009, 09:05 pm
The drawing file formats for 2005 and 2009 don't necessarily match up item for item. When you do a "save as" what file dormat do you choose? I would think it would have to be 2004. Am I right?

17th Aug 2009, 09:14 pm
You are correct, that's my default save format