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22nd Sep 2009, 01:38 pm
Hi all,

I've been searching through the forums, I know i've seen the answer before but i can't find it, so here goes:

I've just recently had my computer updated to a newer model so
before that happened I backed up my workspaces/profile/cui etc,
everything else haworks like it did before, apart from 1 small problem,
every time i enterd something in the command line before, whenever i
pressed the up arrow it would repeat what i put, now however it's
always coming up with the last absolute co-ordinates I was at, which
is a little frustrating.

Example:, I've used the DIV command on a line and now have a set of
nodes I can snap to - i select XLINE and type in NOD, click on the
first node, and then out of habit i press UP > ENTER, but this is now
putting my next line ontop of my first one, not saying NOD at
command line anymore, just a set of co-ordinates.

If anyone knows which variable it is that i need to change, please let
me know, as I rely on being able to quick-repeat commands that way,
where as now i've had to open every toolbar out or every time i want
to re-use a command I have to re-type it.


22nd Sep 2009, 01:39 pm
This (http://www.hyperpics.com/system_variables/) is updated each year :wink:

Edit... didn't really read the full post clearly... :unsure:

Edit of edit... are you still in the command?

22nd Sep 2009, 01:50 pm
nope, i've read the list VERY usefull if you already know part of command name, but i've forgotten the whole thing.

22nd Sep 2009, 01:56 pm
Are you still in an active command?

22nd Sep 2009, 01:58 pm
nope, i've done the nodes but it even happens when no command active, say i want to use LINE again, i press up with no active command going on and its still coming up with last used co-ordinates :?

22nd Sep 2009, 02:00 pm

22nd Sep 2009, 02:08 pm
Alanjt THANKYOU!!!!!!

That's been driving me bannana's, i got to remember that command
*runs off to write it down*

22nd Sep 2009, 02:12 pm
Alanjt THANKYOU!!!!!!

That's been driving me bannana's, i got to remember that command
*runs off to write it down*

No problem, had the same problem when we switched to 06 (I think that was the version).
I just keep a list of setvars in my startup file that issue each time.

(AT:Setvar "inputhistorymode" 0)