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23rd Nov 2009, 03:43 pm
1) How do I make Solidworks (2009) default to IPS (Inches/Lbs/etc)?
* Both for the 3D environment and when creating drawings.

2) If I have a custom Title Block (for drawings) how do I set that up
as the default? Where does it go?

Thank you!!

23rd Nov 2009, 03:56 pm
Shift 's referenced for the Solidwork Tutorial:
1) Go Options/document properties/units/IPS(inches)
2) which is very helpful you can see also the Custom Title block and Default to IPS included here.

23rd Nov 2009, 04:04 pm
you will want to create a custom template file.

open a new part file. Go to Tools>options. then go to the document properties tab and change units to IPS and hit OK. Now go to File> Save As and change the filetype to Part Templates(.prtdot) and change the document name to somethin glike Part_Inch. Close document.

When you start a new file there is a button on the pop up that says Advanced at the bottom. This will show you all your templates(assuming they are all saved in the template folder). I suggest you name your template files Part_Inch, Assembly_Inch, Drawing_Inch and leave the default Part template as MM. You can create as many template files as you would like with different settings, just be sure to use common sense when naming them. If you want to use the Novice menu when creating new documents you can also change this in the Options but I just leave mine on Advanced.

You will need to do this for the Assembly and Drawing files as well but in the assembly file you will need to change a few other things. In Tool>Options on the System Options tab you will have a Default Templates that will reference other template files. You will need to make sure you parts and Drawings templates are referenced here(as well as changing the units).

For your Drawing file you can change things like Title block before you save your template so when you open your drawing file it already has your company title block, for instance. You will have to start a new file, set your page size(i have mine set for 8.5x11 so i can print on my desktop printer). I created a custom titleblock using one of the standards and modifying a few things. Once you have your settings and your titleblock setup you can save this file as the Drawing_Inch.drwdot(template file)

This is all located in your help file under Document Templates

23rd Nov 2009, 05:00 pm
that was rather easy.

Followup question:

If I create a drawing with the default Solidworks title block,
can I replace it with my custom one "after the fact?"
If so, how?

23rd Nov 2009, 05:45 pm
I dont make many drawings so I dont really know the ins/outs of how SW sets up titleblocks. I do know in the model tree if your right click on Sheet1(or whatever your sheet name is) you can Edit Sheet Format. This gives you control over the title block(just a set of lines). If you right click on the sheet format after expanding Sheet 1 you can define title block. This lets you create test boxes that will be editable. I use the same title block every time so I just created one and saved thats as my template.

If i get some time i will try to play around with it.

The SW help file on Title Blocks gives you a little info and i think a video on how to edit title blocks.

24th Nov 2009, 01:32 pm
I figured it out.
Just put the new title in with folder with the standard ones.
Right click, Properties, Pick the new title -> Done!

Thanks guys!!