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19th Jan 2010, 10:14 pm
For reference, we ONLY print in black and/or grayscale and absolutely no color. We print specific road & bridge construction documents. Printer is set to COLOR, global printer settings are set to COLOR, AutoCAD print config is set to COLOR, CTB forces all colors to print to BLACK except for the colors 8 & 9, & 250-255 which are the grayscale (print to object color + screening). Also for reference, we use mostly BLACK as our background color in CAD (I know some companies use GRAY and sometimes WHITE)

At my former company (7+ years ago), we had our CTB setup in a much more efficient manor than we currently have. I'm now the CAD Manager and have to make my case to make things better. Currently we use only 7 colors (#1-7) of which there's only 4 lineweight thicknesses. Furthermore, the lineweights don't correspond to colors, our lightest useable is white & cyan (0.010") and to go up one "weight" is red (0.014") then green & magenta (0.018") and lastly blue (0.024"). There is no order that I know of and it's been that way since before the people that taught me were here. :?

At my former company, I remember having every color corresponding... everything starting with 1x (ex: 10, 11, 12...) was a specific lineweight and the lightest lineweight. Starting with 2's were next thickest lineweight and so on. Because all 5x's were same lineweight, you could distinguish between text and leader/line but have it print the same weight. You could also "see" the print a lot better in CAD because everything 5x is a shade of yellow, so you could see in the CAD drawing that everything a shade of yellow would be same lineweight, shade of red (1x) would different lineweight than yellow but again all shades of red would be same lineweight, and so on. I can't remember what we did for colors 1-6... because for instance, Color 5 = blue, however Color 50 = yellow

I really want to set this as our "standard" but it's going to be confusing for some users to make the switch, but I feel that getting away from a drawing only being 4 colors would be beneficial. How do you guys/gals have your CTB's setup for your companies (multiple users)?

20th Jan 2010, 03:04 am
We plot line wieght by colour its easy to mange and our colours just increase in thickness as per acad colours which also matches pretty close the old rotring ink pens.