View Full Version : config dual monitors

2nd Apr 2010, 02:10 am
Is there a site that will tell me how to configure dual monitros using acad 2010 and windows vista

2nd Apr 2010, 02:24 am
what do you want to do with them?

make one primary and one secondary?

2nd Apr 2010, 02:55 am
I already am able to use the monitors in windows vista. How do you use dual monitors in Acad 2010

2nd Apr 2010, 02:57 am
I want to show different views in different monitors like you do with viewports

2nd Apr 2010, 03:05 am
Sorry I'm not sure how to do that. maybe someone else here will know

2nd Apr 2010, 03:21 am
Maximize AutoCAD across both monitors. Use VPORTS to split up into 2 viewports.
It's not perfect, but there is nothing built into AutoCAD so that it "knows" how to do this.

3rd Apr 2010, 03:44 am
Yes that will work too, but I thought there might be a way to do it with Autocad. messing with toolbars is a hassle doint it this way. If there is no other way then I will of course do this.