View Full Version : REALIZE is not working! Help!

9th Apr 2010, 01:46 am
I am trying to use AutoCAD 2011 and REALIZE (timeguy.com/cradek/autocad) to export gcode for use on a custom CNC machine.

To begin with, I created a simple line a bit below the XY plane and ran the program. I put in the safety 0.2 as recommended and exported to the recommended file name (changing H: to C: ).

It came back with "Error: bad argument type: streamp nil" What the ____ does this mean?

Full report from the command section:

Safety Height <0.02>: REALIZE
Requires numeric distance or two points.
Safety Height <0.02>:
Output file <H:\ACAD.NGC>:
Select objects: 1 found
Select objects:
Getting selection...
Sorting selection...G64
G17 G20 G40 G49
G54 G80 G90 G94
Searching for drills...
Searching for mills...G00 Z1.0000
Error: bad argument type: streamp nil

Any help (or triumphant anecdote to let me know that I'm on the right track with this program) would be appreciated.