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2nd Jun 2010, 09:33 pm
Hey guys, real quick question. I have been given an autocad drawing of a pipeline layout, however the pipeline info is all given as flat. I am trying to go in and change the z values for the pipelines, however I am running into a problem.The pipeline sections have anywhere from 3-10 vertexes. I am trying to change each vertex's z value (elevation) to what the elevation is at that vertex point, however when I change one vertex it changes all of the vertexes in the entire section. How can I change just one individual vertex at a time?

Autocad 2006 btw!!!

2nd Jun 2010, 09:38 pm
My guess is that your pipeline is drawn with a polyline. PLines can only have one elevation per pline (ie each vertex z value will always change to the z value of the one you change). However the end points of lines can be drawn at elevation. Or you can draw a 3D polyline which will allow variable z values on per vertex.

2nd Jun 2010, 09:43 pm
is there anyway to change a polyline to a 3d polyline?

2nd Jun 2010, 09:57 pm
I don't think vanilla AutoCad can but Land Development or Civil 3D can.