View Full Version : Problems Embossing a Sketch

John Atkinson
3rd Jun 2010, 04:02 pm
I am relatively new to AutoCAD Inventor 2008 and I have hit a snag.

I have designed a fairly complex part and when I try to Emboss (1mm) a Sketch I get an error message (Sketch Doctor) telling me I have an Open Loop in my profile, but I cannot find the problem.

If I create a new part and then copy and paste the Sketch, I can Emboss it with no problem at all. Any ideas what's causing the error? I can email the design if anyone can help me.

Thanks, John.

JD Mather
3rd Jun 2010, 04:10 pm
Drag the red End of Part marker to the top of the browser hiding all features.
Save the file.
In Windows Explorer right click on the file name and select Send to Compressed (zipped) folder.
Attach the resulting *.zip here.

John Atkinson
3rd Jun 2010, 04:20 pm
Zip file attached. THX, John.
Zip File is too large to upload (1,554KB)

JD Mather
3rd Jun 2010, 04:46 pm
File too large to upload (1,554KB)

Did you roll up the EOP before zipping as I directed?

Try this - delete everything but the sketch you are trying to use to emboss, then roll up the EOP and attach. (make sure you are working on a back-up of the file)

John Atkinson
3rd Jun 2010, 05:24 pm
I rolled it up to above the first extrusion, directly below "Origin". Can I email the file to you?

JD Mather
3rd Jun 2010, 05:35 pm
Delete everything except the sketch - surely the sketch is not over 1Meg?

John Atkinson
3rd Jun 2010, 06:55 pm
In trying to reduce the file to a manageable size I found that by deleting various sketches I was able to emboss the sketch as desired. Perhaps the other sketches were obstructing the selection of the profile to be embossed and by deleting them I was able to perform the emboss function.

Thanks for your effort to help anyway. John.

JD Mather
3rd Jun 2010, 07:03 pm
You probably could have simply turned off the visibility of other sketches rather than delete.

John Atkinson
3rd Jun 2010, 08:42 pm
Yes, after I had deleted some of the sketches to reduce the file size the penny dropped and I turned of the visibility on the others, except for the one I wanted to emboss.
Thanks again for your help, John.