View Full Version : Ifc Export From Autocad Architecture

13th Jul 2010, 01:58 pm
Can anyone please help with the fallowing question...

I have a 3d model done in AutoCAD Architecture and I need to export this model to Archicad...and it seems that the best way of doing that is by exporting/importing 3d model in IFC format...it works great but I have a problem that I just cant solve...when I import my IFC 3d model in to Archicad there is some sort of problem with model curves...everything looks good except the curves...they are no longer a curves but a straight lines trying to represent a curve...this doest look right and not the way it looks in AutoCAD...

It must be something to do with AutoCAD IFC file export settings...but I cant seem to find them...Is there anyone who has some soft of experience with IFC file exports from AutoCAD Architecture? If yes...then how do you export these file so the level of quality is the same of similar to AutoCAD 3d model...?

Many Thanks! :)