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Gordon Knight
13th Jul 2010, 04:22 pm
On AutoCAD 2006 , at work in my office, I wish to group some entities. At home I use AutoCAD LT which involves selecting GROUP from a task window, selecting entitities and tapping complete. They are then grouped and I can jerk them around at will. Happy me.At the office however, I must begin by typing "Group" as a command and am then given a window to give the desired group a name and select other characteristics for it. I have applied all possible combinations of choices for what I might want, have selected the entities for the group and answered as affirmitively as options allow that what I have indicated is what I want and can get a response from the cursor that the entities are a group . . . UNTIL I TRY TO DO SOMETHING WITH THE GROUP. It behaves as if it weren't grouped.i.e., the whole thing lights up as if it were a group but I can only manipulate one piece of itWould someone be kind enough to give me a simple human algorithm for grouping entities in AutoCAD 2006? I mean somethingthing really simple that will allow for no other outcome than grouping, seeing the indication of groupness, and being able to move, rotate or whatever the grouped thing as a whole.I do not need to know how to ungroup, add or subtract from the group.I moved things that I had successfully grouped in the past to another file in order to ungroup them. That I had successfully grouped in the past (six months or so) leads me to think that I have inserted a command into the general system to indicate success in a grouping endeavor but then ignore the effects of having done so.This is my first post on this B Log so bear with me regarding my replies to anyone offering assistance.Gordon Knight

13th Jul 2010, 04:58 pm
to make a long story short...
Try Ctrl+H (or Pickstyle=1 or 3)

Gordon Knight
13th Jul 2010, 06:48 pm
To lengthen a short reply . . On a field with two objects to group I did Ctrl+H and was instructed to enter a new value for pickstyle. All attempts to enter anything got nothing but "invalid command"

13th Jul 2010, 07:59 pm
Pickstyle controls the use of group selection (look in Help). Ctrl+H toggles Pickstyle.
Hit Ctrl+H, then try and select an existing group. Hit Ctrl+H and again try and select the group.

Pablo Ferral
14th Jul 2010, 07:11 am
to make a short answer even longer - here's a tutorial I wrote: