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7th Jan 2011, 11:35 am
i am making a engine head in 3d as the drawing become large or complicated, all the hidden lines are showing while i am in realisitic mode of visual style.any suggestion to over come this?:(

7th Jan 2011, 07:02 pm
Tip 1:
Keep the file as "light" as possible (delete any unwanted 2D entities like hatches, blocks or text).

Tip 2:
Avoid excessive zooming (in or out). However, if your 3D model requires you to zoom to an unavoidable level, refreshing the display cache (hit REA) after switching it to 2D wire-frame mode should help.

Tip 3:
Even while working in 3D, always use the PAN command via the console (enter P), instead of using your mouse center button (which initiates the 3DPAN command).

If you still see hidden lines, copy paste your entire model in a new drawing, and proceed with these tips; you'll be fine... :wink: