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Paul Mc
12th Jan 2011, 05:54 pm
Silly question.... I've created an odd shape, acually a rock which is made of 3D lines. I've drawn 3D Poly lines over this shape and I need to convert this object to a solid to check its quantitiy. I forget how this is done.


12th Jan 2011, 06:50 pm
The 3Dpolylines are closed?

12th Jan 2011, 06:59 pm
They can be if you set their property to closed :wink: as in a boundary.

Paul Mc
12th Jan 2011, 07:09 pm
Yes they are closed.

12th Jan 2011, 07:35 pm
Have you tried the LOFT command?

Paul Mc
12th Jan 2011, 07:52 pm
The LOFT command will not work because this shape has multiple sides to it. We are to construct a bridge abutment which is made to look like a big odd shaped rock. All the faces are flat and I need to calculate the amount of concrete which will be required. I've drawn the shape in CAD using 2D lines and then drew 3D polylines over top thinking there was a command to convert the plines into a solid. I used to do a lot of 3D drawings a few years back but I've been out of it for a while. I'm sure there is a way to convert this into a solid object.

12th Jan 2011, 07:58 pm
So you did not draw this fake rock abutment as a series of profiles did you?

It almost sounds like you would benefit from a program that could "drape" a surface over your 3Dpolylines.

Paul Mc
12th Jan 2011, 08:33 pm
That sounds like it would work... I use a program called Terramodel which created points at all the intersections and would then generate a TIN over the surface. I'm going to give that a try!

12th Jan 2011, 08:40 pm
I'm like a catalyst. I just hang around and get the reaction going.

Good luck. :)

Paul Mc
12th Jan 2011, 08:42 pm
HAHA! That worked. Thanks for the help!

12th Jan 2011, 08:53 pm
Either it was a very lucky guess or that hit in the noggin I took from the dog this morning knocked some sense into me!:lol:

You're entirely welcomed. Glad we were able to brain-storm a solution together. :)