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16th Feb 2011, 02:18 pm
How can I check wether my lines in a 2d object are closed or not??

16th Feb 2011, 02:52 pm
What makes you think they aren't?

16th Feb 2011, 03:09 pm
Well, I have to hatch something and I know there is a function that can show lines that aren't closed. I just can't remember what it is..

16th Feb 2011, 03:11 pm
properites (command CH) - it's in there

16th Feb 2011, 03:12 pm
you can also QSELECT and choose only (or all) polylines which are not closed, if that helps

16th Feb 2011, 03:15 pm
Lines or Polylines? Polylines that aren't closed will be indicated in the Properties window under Misc > Closed > Yes/No.

I have no idea what the command CH is supposed to do.

16th Feb 2011, 03:28 pm
thanks... I also found the "pedit" usefull..

16th Feb 2011, 03:37 pm
So you weren't actually checking to see if they were closed. You wanted to know how to close them.

17th Feb 2011, 08:35 am
Yes, so true... Sorry, sometimes these questions just make sense in your own head you know...:)

17th Feb 2011, 09:48 am
remark - CH is the standard command for properties palette - i have no idea why CH but it works on all my machines
(the least i expect now is to be shown step by step, with reference to AutoCAD help, how and why i am wrong :P)

17th Feb 2011, 10:11 am
remark - CH is the standard command for properties palette - i have no idea why CH but it works on all my machines

Before Properties came along, the command was Change for changing properties.

So in the Command alias there is CH which now starts the command Properties (also PROPS).

I am surprised that the fount of all knowledge should have forgotten this :lol:

17th Feb 2011, 11:14 am
sweet! i taught remark something! woooooo hooooo!
i better celebrate with a large ribina.
thanks eldon for adding a sense of history.

17th Feb 2011, 12:11 pm
Ahhhhhhh, CH does work on my system but since I already run with Properties enabled, but on Auto-Hide, I did not see anything happen on my screen.

I don't frequent CADTutor to dispense knowledge so much as to learn new things myself. But please, do not let me stop you from celebrating. Be my guest. :)

17th Feb 2011, 12:54 pm
yes when i see people working without properties palette, and having to type a command (especially if they use command PROPERTIES) i look at them like they are from a remote, prehistoric solar system. "how can you work like this?!"

17th Feb 2011, 01:02 pm
CH is also new to me, however I don't think I'll ever use it since CTRL+1 is quicker than C+H+Enter.