View Full Version : Crashing upon 'Pre-Processing' of High Poly Mesh when Rendering

17th Mar 2011, 11:10 am
Hello All.

I have a mesh which totaled some 25,000 faces (a contour map) which I've been attempting to render via Microstations inbuilt Luxology renderer. So in an attempt to get around this I divided the mesh into more manageable portions. However this still hasn't solved the problem. It is still crashing when I attempt to render the geometry.

Machine wise I'm running a high power workstation 12GB windows 7 with 6 hyperthreaded cores (12core). I've got more than enough power but it keeps failing.

Is there a limit to faces per mesh anywhere to resolve this issue or has anyone any experience. I've also upped my memory settings within microstation to 8/12GB and this has made no difference.

Any Ideas guys?

17th Mar 2011, 02:45 pm
BenGoble, 25,000 faces shouldn't be a problem. What version of MS are you using? (V8iSS2)
Where did the mesh come from Civil3D, 3DS, or Rhino? I have had problems rendering models and meshes from other programs.
Can you recreate the surface using InRoads, GEOPAK, or Data Acquisition?

Try this
Create a new 3D file from seed.
Reference your bad file.
Make sure the reference file falls inside or near the Solids Working Area.
Use the Merge into Master command.
That should leave behind any fatal or corrupt elements in the design file.

Bob Mecham

17th Mar 2011, 03:13 pm
Yes, V8iSS2.

Initially the contour lines that defined the contours came from Autocad. However, all mesh building was performed in MS using the standard Mesh tools.

I would now have appeared to found the solution to my problem. My model consisted of both a large amount of mesh and one large singular continuous surface that was extracted from the edge of a mesh and then extruded into a plane. This seemed to be slow to highlight, so I converted it to a mesh and it resolved the problem.

Thanks for the help Bob!