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Raudel Solis
3rd Jun 2011, 04:36 am
New project all modeling in autocad As seen in this image, This is just a quick preview.
But the addition of the materials and rendering was done in 3ds Max


3rd Jun 2011, 08:19 am
That is a lot of glass, would be hard to heat and keep warm in Summer. For some reason it reminds me of a strange looking church lol.

3rd Jun 2011, 12:28 pm
Is the door supposed to be off-center?

If you did not put your name on this submission I'd still know it was your design because you like to run your glass right to the floor. Why is this concept incorporated in almost all of your buildings?

3rd Jun 2011, 05:14 pm
It looks like you're using a stacked ledger stone for your paving. That type of stone is typically used on walls, not paving. You might want to pick something different. Check Google images for stone paving ideas.

And ReMark is right, the door is off center. You might want to fix that.

3rd Jun 2011, 05:28 pm
Another thing to keep in mind, when doing 3D rendering, is how you're going to convey a sense of scale. It's sometimes difficult for the viewer to determine the size of objects in the scene if they don't have any sort of reference with which to gauge what they're looking at. When looking at your building, it seems like it would be quite large, but then you look at the path leading up to it, and the floor to ceiling doors, and it starts to look small, so its difficult to understand exactly what I'm looking at. Is it just a small lobby or is it a large foyer? I'm not really sure? It would help if you put some furniture inside. And maybe some doors leading to the other rooms in the back.

Raudel Solis
3rd Jun 2011, 07:22 pm
no issues with glass the windows with a gas in between two panels mantain heat down, also at 1 point of the day it is in the shade, at late afternoons the temperature is low enough to not affect, either way that entrance is sealed away from the main house by simple doors, The roof Pretty flat, though theres going to be a Grading "elevation" system that will give no issue with snow or water buildup. I use big windows in most projects i like the way it looks in real life. The drawing looked good on paper Just that some dimensions were incorrect. Im out of 10th Grade now, im Going to be a junior / 11th Grader when school starts again.

Raudel Solis
3rd Jun 2011, 07:24 pm
thanks for the comments i may or may not continue this Scene :/ I have a Drawing on paper i would like to create but the dimensions were done in meters and there are too many conversions to do.
I use Feet inches, centimeters.. american units.