View Full Version : Can't Find "Drawing Order" Anymore

vertical horizons
17th Jun 2011, 08:26 pm
We upgraded to AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 (from AutoCAD Mechanical 2009).

I used to go: TOOLS > DRAWING ORDER, in order to bring an object to the back or the front of another object.

Now that we are using AM 2012, I can't find where this command is located.

Any ideas?

17th Jun 2011, 08:37 pm
Assuming you are using the Ribbon. Home tab, Modify panel, pick down arrow next to Modify, lower right icon.

You can have your menubar show, MENUBAR, 1 from the command line, then Tools, Draworder.

17th Jun 2011, 09:17 pm
I don't use Mechanical, but if you select the object(s) you want to affect and then right click, Draw Order should be in the pop up menu. Or just type DRAWORDER at the command line.