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7th Sep 2011, 03:26 pm

can any one tell me how to draw the intersection wire like a half circle passing over the other wire.


7th Sep 2011, 03:48 pm
if you are using electrical it is in the Drawing Properties tool under Styles.

If not, you have to do it by hand or get a LISP written.

7th Sep 2011, 04:00 pm
If you need a lisp, I have two.

7th Sep 2011, 04:02 pm
hello dbroada
yes i m using 2008 electrical autocad.
i manage to get styles but it showing me text, dimension, table and multileader style.
May be i am wrong. can u tell me how do u go to styles and then draw the intersection wire.
i tried to draw by hand but its not perfect.


7th Sep 2011, 04:03 pm
actually i dont have any idea about lisp.
what is that and how can it be usefull.

7th Sep 2011, 04:17 pm
Your terminology is incorrect. It is not referred to as an intersection wire in AutoCAD Electrical. It is called a wire gap (i.e. - where one wire crosses over another). The gap is usually created automatically. It can be set manually as well.

Using the Ribbon: Schematic > Insert Wires/Wire Numbers > Wire > Gap.

7th Sep 2011, 04:20 pm
Lisp is a programming language. Lisp routines are small programs that run inside AutoCAD. There are custom lisp programs that can be used to create the semi-circle that is used to denote one line crossing over the other. A good routine will insert the circle and trim away any unnecessary linework with some input from the user.

7th Sep 2011, 04:34 pm
sorry for so many silly question, but i m new at autocad
no i m not using ribbon. how can it be usefull and how do i get it?

7th Sep 2011, 04:38 pm
OK, I thought the Ribbon was available in Electrical 2008. Guess I was mistaken.

From the command line type AEWIREGAP. Tell me if that works.

BTW...it is the crossing wire that receives the semi-circle (wire gap).

7th Sep 2011, 04:44 pm
NO, When i type AEWIREGAP, screen says press F1 for help. Also in help i am not able to get the answer.

7th Sep 2011, 04:47 pm
If you have it built into Electrical, I'd use that

Otherwise, here's a lisp from LeeMac (one of the best) post#18 http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?45820-Need-Lisp-Modified&p=313262&viewfull=1#post313262

Here's how to use a lisp http://lee-mac.com/runlisp.html

Here's what this one does


7th Sep 2011, 07:02 pm
I will post a screenshot tomorrow (if I remember) to show how it is set. We NEVER draw crossings that way and only show intersections (with a blob).

7th Sep 2011, 07:09 pm
I agree re: intersections. They should be shown as a filled in black circle (in plain AutoCAD the DONUT command could be used).

However, when one wire crosses another in a drawing it should be shown using the half-circle (semi-circle). At least that's the way I was taught and it is the way it is shown in the book AutoCAD Electrical 2010 for Electrical Control Designers.

7th Sep 2011, 07:23 pm
NO, When i type AEWIREGAP, screen says press F1 for help. Also in help i am not able to get the answer.

Maybe the feature was added in a later release. In which case you'll have to either do it manually or use a lisp routine.

8th Sep 2011, 08:52 am
to set the loop type crossing open your drawing and select drawing properties from the electrical wires palette. Alternatively the WD_DWG_CONFIG should get you to the same place. Under the style tab you have the option of crosssing, break & loop.


Once set, any new wires will have the loops added. To go back to a crossing type you can select the wire and right click to get the remove breaks option. I can't remember the corrct way to add loops to an existing wire but if you scoot the wire the loops will be added.

ReMark, loops are only a suggestion in BS and we have some project managers who like to see them - until they realise just how much extra we charge for modifying the drawings at which point they are usually happy with crossings. ;)

8th Sep 2011, 11:03 am
Dave: Thanks for the image and the explanation.

8th Sep 2011, 01:54 pm
hello guys.

Sorry abt the wrong information. I tried lot as you said but then i chek my autocad. Its normal 2008. Its not electrical.
i m still doing by circle and trim it off unnecessary part. i want to do it like your way its much easy and simple.

8th Sep 2011, 02:05 pm
if you dan't have ACADE then you will have to refer to nestly's post.

8th Sep 2011, 02:32 pm
I know we have moved on but for the sake of completness following on from ReMark's post #6. In 2008 electrical (prior to the ribbon) the wire gaps can be added from the WIRE palette under wire miscellaneous.