View Full Version : AutoCAD Electrical Glossary

2nd Dec 2011, 04:30 pm
Is there any online Glossary available that can explain the terms / concepts used in AutoCAD Electrical?

For example - what is a PIN?

OR what is the difference btween linking two components and connecting them by wires?

I am not an Electrical Engineer but need to use ACE for some specific purpose.

Or any other resources that explains electrical fundas?

I don't need very detailed info but just need to know the concepts.

Thank you for any info.

2nd Dec 2011, 04:46 pm
A pin would be a physical connection point on a component (i.e.-something a wire could be connected to).

If one links two components I would think they are establishing a parent-child relationship. Connecting an on/off pushbutton with a contact, solenoid or a temperature switch is just that...a physical connection and not necessarily the same as a relationship. That would be my interpretation but I'm no electrical engineer so I very well could be wrong. Perhaps someone will come along and educate both of us.