View Full Version : Anyone familiar with Bentley Substation V8i (Selectseries 5)

1st Feb 2012, 08:38 pm
I am learning how to use Bentley Substation and need some help figuring out how to set coordinate systems. It's not as easy as it is in ACAD.

2nd Feb 2012, 03:28 pm
SWfangirl, This video should be of some help to you on how to set a geographic coordinate system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiBXOqb9w8s

There are also a bunch of videos on Bentley Substation V8i here http://www.bentley.com/en-GB/Community/eSeminars/Geospatial/Substation+V8i+OnDemand+eSeminars.htm

Bob Mecham