View Full Version : Transferring the Edited Panel Macros in Customized Workspace

14th Feb 2012, 02:30 pm
Ok, in CUI I have created a custom workspace and brought in 4 partial customization files. Created the Tabs and have created the Panels in each of the Tabs. All works well. I am now editing the panel button macros so that when a pump or a valve is chosen, its respective layer automatically changes. All is good so far. Now I need to duplicate what I have done on another station without changing 45 macros again. I know I can export the environment and have it import on the other station, that works fine. I only want to copy those files I have edited and move them to the other station.

Any thoughts are welcome. This applies to those who are working with more than one workstation wanting to keep the same system capabilities the same on all.


1st Mar 2012, 02:42 pm
How about storing your customised menu on the network along with a predefined workspace, then attaching it as an enterprise menu in the options?

2nd Mar 2012, 02:49 am
You can load menu's via lisp so maybe look into a program that loads all the relevant stuff, we have one for building new machines, we did though also save the cui and an ARG generally thats all you need to make a box identical.