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19th Apr 2012, 04:28 pm
I have an Arial photo in Tiff format in my dwg. But when I print it does not print. I've tried 2 different printers. One doesn't show anything in the preview (which is black&white only), and the other, which I really want to print to shows it in the preview, but does not print. It prints the outline border, but not the image. Is it the printer settings or something in AutoCAD 2012 I need to change?

19th Apr 2012, 07:14 pm
Is your imageframe turned on? That might be a cause for it not to print or possibly your tif file is on defpoints?

The layer the tif is assigned to - is it assigned to no plot?

I would start there first.

19th Apr 2012, 07:23 pm
Yeah, I had the imageframe on.. I have it turned off now. But there still is no image. My image is not on the defpoints layer. And the layer it is on is assigned to print.

19th Apr 2012, 07:45 pm
Ok, check your print driver. Is it set to a pc3 or ps3 driver?

There was something on here a little bit ago if memory serves me correctly about this. Something about changing it to a pcl6 driver? What brand/type of plotter/printer are you using?

Something I find out that worked for me in this situation was plotting/making the dwg into a pdf and when its created,my tif file showed up on the pdf and I plotted the pdf. Kind of weird, but does that make sense?

Hope that helps.

19th Apr 2012, 08:03 pm
I tried to do the pdf, before I started this thread... and it didn't work either. But I'll have to check the printers, I guess. Our printers are networked, so don't know if that will cause more problems figuring out the problem or not.

19th Apr 2012, 10:05 pm
How large is the .tiff? How did you import it? What is the setting for imageframe? (I prefer setting '2'). What type of printer? Have you updated the driver lately? Some printers have a spooling problem with large .tiff's. Please check the layer, again, to make sure it is set to allow print. Maybe even make a new layer 'TIFF IMAGE' or something and move the .tiff to the new layer. The fact that even .pdf is not working suggests that it may be a setting issue. Have you checked in OPTIONS, in the print/plot window to make sure that image printing is checked on? There are several different settings that could impact a .tiff.

19th Apr 2012, 11:27 pm
For you plot to pdf - what DPI setting did you use? For printing to the physical printer are you spooling using your coumputers memory or the printers?