View Full Version : project - side drawing of a house

25th Apr 2012, 01:41 pm
Hi, i'm new here & was hoping for some help. for my first year of university i need to draw a side profile of my house in which i label the walls and floors and show how they are constructed behind the brickwork, eg breeze blocks and insulation etc

i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a similar type of cad drawing so that i have something to work from. thanks

25th Apr 2012, 01:45 pm
which country are you in?

25th Apr 2012, 01:53 pm
i'm in manchester, united kingdom

25th Apr 2012, 01:59 pm
I believe it is referred to as a section (well, at least on this side of the pond).

Don't you have access to a good architectural drafting book?

If you are really interested in seeing a sample drawing (done stateside) I'm sure I can find you something.

OK...I'm back. Try this link.