View Full Version : MEP 2013 - Dimensioning in an elevation view

11th May 2012, 07:52 pm
I am new to MEP and am just getting around to formatting my model into paper drawings. There are a few paperspace drawings that I created with not only "plan" viewports but also "elevation" viewports. After successfully annotating and dimensioning the "plan" viewports I attempted to do the same to the "elevation" viewports with no success.

Nothing shows up... am I doing something wrong. I did notice that the dimensions were showing up in the plan viewport (on the wrong plane), just not the elevation view.

12th May 2012, 02:55 pm
The Elevation Viewports.... are you generating sections/elevations using the AutoCAD MEP Section & Elevation tools, or are you simply changing the UCS/View to rotate around the model?

14th May 2012, 12:38 pm
I created the elevation by simply changing the UCS/view.... wrong method?

16th May 2012, 02:17 pm
I created the elevation by simply changing the UCS/view.... wrong method?I wouldn't call this the "wrong" method, but depending on your intention is with this particular elevation it might not be the "best" method. With AMEP, I always use the "Section & Elevation" tools. This way you can have much better control of the visual output of the objects you're wanting to view.

Also, see this thread for a possible hotfix that might be causing you issues with these tools: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?69368-2D-section-on-Autocad-MEP&p=474884#post474884