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13th Jun 2013, 04:13 pm
Anybody have the issue of the Command Line being undocked and not staying where you move it to? I'm setting up my AutoCAD 2013 install at work and I love the new Command Line functionality but I like it just above the Layout Tabs and to the left. Every time I close and open, geographically the Command Line is on the same X-Axis (in relation to the screen, not literally in a drawing window). But it re-centers on the screen. Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance!

13th Jun 2013, 04:17 pm
Position the window, right-click any unused grey area around the edge of the screen, click "lock location", click "Docked Windows". As posted on another forum.

I didn't do this though. I just saved my workspace.

13th Jun 2013, 04:25 pm
Don't have that option sir. :(


13th Jun 2013, 04:27 pm
Did you try the second approach?

What is the setting for LOCKUI? Is it "1"?

Maybe you should relocate the command line to the bottom of your screen (below the tabs) like it used to be in the "old" days. LoL

13th Jun 2013, 04:34 pm
Didn't work either. :(

13th Jun 2013, 04:40 pm
That's odd as I had basically the same problem as you when I first started using 2014 last week. The command line just would not stay where i put it. Somehow I did manage to do it though and I was sure it had to do with saving the workspace I was in at the time.

You had me going there for a minute Tanner so I conducted a short experiment. Apparently one can have the command line in a different location depending on the workspace one is utilizing at the moment. I almost always use the 3D Modeling workspace even when I am working in 2D. I switched to the ( 2D ) Drafting & Annotation workspace and relocated my command line above the tabs as you indicated, saved the workspace and quit out of AutoCAD altogether. I then reopened AutoCAD and checked both workspaces. In the Drafting & Annotation workspace the command line (just one line) is above the tabs. In the 3D Modeling workspace it (here I have two lines) is below the tabs. Not sure what you are or aren't doing that it does not work the same for you.

13th Jun 2013, 05:40 pm
No problem with the Command line moving here, but for clarification, the Command Line is a window, not a palette so the bitcode value for LOCKUI would have to be at least 8 in order to include an undocked command line.

13th Jun 2013, 05:42 pm
You may be referring to this, directly from AutoDesk (if I am not mistaken)?


13th Jun 2013, 06:02 pm
Yep, although I actually use sysvdlg to see the bitcode value for each type of objects. I wouldn't think LOCKUI is the culprit here however as that mostly prevents users from unintentionally moving stuff, and this seems as though the location isn't being retained (ie Workspace settings not being saved as previously mentioned)

I did a video some time ago how to move/resize from inside the CUI... I'll see if I can find it.
*edit* the video I was thinking of shows how to dock and resize via the CUI, but not set the location

13th Jun 2013, 09:02 pm
Locking the Floating Windows didn't help either. I guess I can have it in the middle of my interface... not too big of a deal. But having the Command Line now a floating window is nice because I gained a ton more real-estate. The Lines of Prompt History is what makes it great for me. I'm definitely loving this addition.

13th Jun 2013, 09:37 pm
Try going into the CUI and manually changing orientation and docking for the Command line to something else, then click apply (you should see the change happen in the background) Then change them back to FLOATING and YES. Apply and close the Cui editor, adjust the Command line to the location you want, save the workspace, close and re-open AutoCAD.

If that doesn't work, and especially if you're using an Enterprise Cui, make a copy of the workspace (Workspace > Save Current As) and see if the settings stick in the new one.

14th Jun 2013, 08:49 pm
Went through all these steps and still nada. Tried a new WS, nada. Added a command switch to default to the WS's and still nada, lol.... It's cool, I'll have to deal with it. It's really okay, just a preference is all.

Thanks again for all the help. It at least confirms that it's probably not possible, and if it is possible it sure isn't easy!! 8)

14th Jun 2013, 08:55 pm
You gave up too easy. LOL

It's definitely something specific to your setup as I can float the command window anywhere I want, including having it at a different place in each workspace, and it stays where it's supposed to from session to session. If you decide to pursue this farther, perhaps try another profile (both AutoCAD and Windows)

14th Jun 2013, 09:07 pm
I know that Toolbar could directly have an X, Y position applied to them. But unfortunately I don't think this is true for Palettes/Windows unless some extra programming is involved. I totally could be wrong on it but that's my best guess at the moment.


14th Jun 2013, 09:35 pm
OK, I was finally able to replicate what you described. The command line will "dock" to the top of the status bar, and when it does, it turns into a "docked" window and will re-center itself when leaving and returning to the workspace. To avoid this, drag the command line at least one pixel BELOW the docked location to make it a floating window again and SAVE THE WORKSPACE.

*note: the Command line appears to dock to the drawing status bar, not the Autocad status bar, so the vertical location where it "snaps" to looks a little different depending on whether the drawing and Autocad status bars are combined, but moving the status bar at least 1 pixel below the vertical snap position works either way for me.

*edit* CUI editing steps removed as they don't seem necessary.

14th Jun 2013, 10:05 pm
Ah-haaa!! That worked. I got the command line bar in place, then drug it up to un-snap it from docking to the drawing status bar. You can't get it close to the status bar without it snapping.... so I kept it far away then dragged the window down to get it 1px away, the drug the top part back down to get it back to a single-line command line bar. WSSAVE, restarted, and bam! In place.

Thanks nestly!! Much appreciated. 8)

14th Jun 2013, 10:12 pm
I like that better than having the overlapping elements with my method... Clever! :thumbsup: