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    Thanks Lee!
    It looks quite useful, for example finding the nearest/furthest distance between point list and origin:
    _$ (extremum '(lambda ( a b ) (< (distance '(0. 0. 0.) a)(distance '(0. 0. 0.) b))) '((1.2 5.7 8.3) (9.4 2.6 0.3) (5.7 6.6 7.2)))
    (9.4 2.6 0.3)
    More expanded idea for usage would be constructing assoc list of (distN . enameN) to find the nearest/furthest entity.

    I see it as a combination between vl-some and vl-sort (like doing something like: (vl-some 'min lst) ).

    I'd say good job!

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    Thanks Grrr.

    In practice however, the function could be optimised, as the result of the comparison function when applied to the current extremum would be known and would therefore not need to be recalculated for each item in the list (this is demonstrated by the 'zmx' & 'zmi' variables used in my earlier function which returns the points with minimum & maximum z-coordinate values). This optimisation is not possible when an arbitrary comparison function is used.
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