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    One could also use the tabsurf command to draw a tabulated surface which I'm thinking would achieve the same result as the multi-step process you've illustrated.

    You can specify the number of surface tabulations to generate with the surftab command (which is a different command) then use your tabsurf command to generate your mesh with that number of tabulations. More surface tabulations = more detail (basically) and more grips.

    Back in like 2004 I think - modelled a british spitfire for an advanced autocad class with only ruled surfaces. Only, in your case the rulesurf command probably wouldn't be ideal. If you have, for example, cross sections of an aircraft from a blueprint online you can create them as closed polylines or 3dpolylines. Rulesurf will then automatically draw the mesh between the two objects.

    I've done this to generate 3d models in autocad of SR71 Blackbird, B1 Lancer, and other aircraft online - my fav thing to do when I'm super bored. But it requires the blueprints and cross sections which are all over the internet .

    It's just a mesh in the end. Autocad has more mesh features and commands available.

    A buddy of mine did a space shuttle for his projects with meshes.

    And after a mesh is drawn, you can always fine tune the grip locates if you need. Only if you use too many surface tabulations, this step can be difficult.


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    you can choose a network command from surface tab to select right and left and up and down and you will get the shape you want then go to mesh tab and then select the refine mesh and you will get the mesh you want that's all hope I help you

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    I forget to tell you after you making the network of shape you need to write in prompt command ((MESHOPTIONS)) and from the winddows select the object to tessellate and then select the network will converting to mesh and the press refine

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