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    Default Penn Foster Structural Project - need help before give up

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    Hi All!

    I am new to all this drafting things. I started the Autocad Diploma program with AutoCad, now I am on the structural project, which, with help of this forum (THANK YOU ALL) I was able to finish Plate 1. However, now I am completely stuck on Plate 2 and I have no idea whatsoever on how to start this at all, never mind Plate 3, 4, 5...anyone here able to help? The terminology and explanation is so confusing..I am completely fine working with the software itself though. I've searched on the forum but so far could not find any questions on how to begin this...any help will be certainly appreciated, as I am close to give up on this...

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    Without any picture we have no idea of what it is your meant to produce.
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    I don't think you have searched the forum well enough because the Penn-Foster structural project has been discussed in detail in several threads. I know because I've posted many of the replies as well as images of each plate. So, care to try again?

    Re: Plate 2.

    The student is required to draw the south elevation. In the case of this project you will be drawing everything from the bottom of the footings that support the concrete piers to the very top of the structure which will include the slab (floor), columns (vertical steel members) and beams (horizontal steel members) plus the parapet (low wall) that makes up the perimeter of the top of the structure. If you search the Student Projects forum using the word "structural" I'm pretty confident you'll come across several pertinent threads regarding this project. Look for posts by Car5858 and me. Some of these will contain actual screen shots (images) of Plate 2.

    An image of Plate 2, structural project, can be seen in post #6 of this thread. One of the shorter threads regarding the project.


    If you have further questions post them in this thread. Please be specific. Vague requests for help just lead to playing "20 Questions" which I generally like to avoid. Thanks and good luck.
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