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    Angry Locking toolbars

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    I am using AutoCAD 2006. I have arranged my toolbars in the position that I wanted them. I went and "locked" all toolbars after that thinking this would hold their position. I then saved my drawing and closed the drawing. When I came back and reopened my drawing later, the toolbars had moved to a different location. Why won't they stay where I put them if I "locked" them ?? What is going on !!
    Seems like a simple thing, but this is crazy..

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    It sounds like you failed to NAME & SAVE the workspace, which includes the locked locations of the toolbars.
    Beware that in the Workspace settings, there is an option to automatically save workspace changes, or not.
    You can also set your Default workspace.
    But, you definitely should name and save your workspace.
    I have a few different ones saved, which I use for different tasks, which I have named accordingly.


    Not sure how much of that link will pertain to your situation, as you are using Autocad 2006, but probably still a good overview.
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