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    Default Laptop/Workstation Advise

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    Afternoon all. I am currently looking to upgrade my Alienware M17XR3 'laptop/brick' and having not needed to for 6 years I currently do not know what is the best purchase for myself, hence the post.

    Ultimately I work in AutoCad 2018 in 2D 90% of the time, Civil 3D 10%, heavy use of XRef's and large drawings in excess of 50mb (highways works) as well as running lots of open documents at the same time (word, excel, pdf's, emails: multiple tabs) so need a capability of 17.3" screen plus 2 external monitors (HDMI/VGA/USB C/DVI all usable).

    I have a fairly good budget (£2.5k) that I can utilise if it requires that much and have been looking at MSI laptops and the ASUS ROG range but it's been so long that i'm out of the tech loop & always go with personal recommendation from actual hardware users.

    TIA for any guidance.

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    What about the new Dell XPS 15"? Not sure what the UK price would be but over here it's $1,750 w/ 7th gen i7, 16gb DDR4, nVidia GTX 1050 and 512gb SSD. Just looking at current dollar/pound conversion it should fall under your budget. Should be easier on your back
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