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    Default Re-associating dimensions

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    I accidentally made my main floor plan a block while working on other things in the model (did not toggle the "retain" and instead turned whole main floor into a block). Now the dimensions in paper space are no longer associated to the wall corners etc... Is there any easy way to go back and re-associate the dimensions without manually going snap by snap?

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    I don't think so, from the sound of it, you had worked on the drawing for a while after mistakenly creating the block. So your only choice would be to redo the dimensions one at a time or keep pressing the undo button to get you back to a time before the dimensions lost their associativity but then lose any work you have added in that time. Or a combination of the two, copy any new details out into a new drawing. Undo Undo Undo in the original drawing to get the associativity back and then bring in the new details again. This does all depend on you not having closed the drawing at any point after losing associativity or undo will no longer help. Hopefully, someone will come along with a method to do it programmatically.

    Just a thought would the .bak file still have the plan with associative dims. Copy and rename the .bak file and then copy any new details into that drawing.
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