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    Default Offset for a callout, Is there a shortcut for this result?

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    Hello everybody

    I do drawings that have to have call outs. However, sometimes the call out line crosses with lines of the drawing so every call out line has to have an offset of .025, this way, the line only touches the item im calling.

    Currently, I do an outside offset on the line both ways, then I use trim and cut everything inside. Sometimes my figures have up to 50 call outs and I have to do this process that is very time consuming.

    Is there a way I could to this faster? I thought maybe i could put a blank line below my callout line, that had the width of the offset. Or maybe two blank rectangles that had the space of the line between them. I'm new in AutoCad and I'm having some trouble trying to solve this.

    Note. I copy and paste my drawings to word with paste special Picture (Windows Metafile) so it has to look the same as autocad.

    Last picture is the result I need.

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    You can use a custom leader atyle with a user block containing an attribute for your text. Now, since it is a leader you can have a fixed length or stretchable upon insert leader line with or without an arrowhead, and insert automatic breaks in the leader line for each line that it crosses, after you have inserted and poitioned your callout (leader). Define and save the block with text attribute first, it need only contain the text attribute. Then do the leader set up selecting to make one with a block attached, then select User Block, then browse to the block you previously created. Common drafting practices say that you should NEVER break the lines that make up your drawing objects.
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