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    Default System to upload and tag drawing

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    i cant take it anymore

    this mess with files that needs to be remembered in my head in order to find.

    A360 is great, but cant understand why i cant tag a file so i can find it later in the search query?

    dows any know any system that will allow to uplaod and tag files?


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    This is a difficult question.
    There are so many questions to you.
    How are the files stored?
    Are there images or blocks in drawings?
    Are there many blocks in one file or many files with one detail?
    Files in different folders?
    And so on...
    Describe what is convenient for you
    Here are some examples of implementation:

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    Autodesk has tons of A360 products. Are you referring to A360 drive? Are you using the web interface or Windows Explorer?
    Is the search tool not enough for you?
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