To tie off the thread, here's how I established the parts in the bottom left corner.

The first object was the centerline, which is at a 30-degree angle. We know this because it's 60 degrees off vertical (also in the definition of arc-2 in eldon's diagram). Offset it by 27 to get straight-3. That also establishes one end of arc-7.

Offset straight-3 up by 15 (or the centerline down by 12). The end of that line is the center of arc-7. I assumed the angle of that arc is 90 degrees.

Once you've drawn arc-7, draw a horizontal line to the left. That's straight-5, but we don't have the other end yet.

Extend the centerline left by 26. That's where arc-6 ends and straight-6 begins. Trim arc-6 if necessary. You can draw a line perpendicular to the centerline or rotate it 270 degrees.

Fillet straight-5 and straight-6 with a radius of zero. Delete your temporary lines and you're done.

Please note, as several of us have pointed out, there is not enough information provided in the design to produce an unambiguous drawing.