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    Default Dim Style Manager

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    Hello All
    I have a drawing which has two Dim Styles: Annotative & AM_ANSI.
    I have changed the default dimensions to Annotative and formatted the text the way I want it.
    How can I get all dimensions on the drawing (the ones that are already there) to all move from the AM_ANSI style to Annotative style?
    Thanks for the help

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    Select them, and then select the dim style from the drop down list on the Annotate tab, sorta like moving things to a different layer. You may have to regen to see any result, or maybe even save and close, then re-open the drawing. Try this first with a copy of your working drawing. Sometimes mass editing of annotative dimensions can crash the AutoCad program. It's been a thing for a while. Most often you will get an error message box that will allow you to continue after the error, but the expected changes will not have been done. just make the selection set smaller next try, if this happens, and don't mix leaders and dimensions, actually don't mix types at all when mass editing annotative objects. I have discovered the hard way, that this makes a crash even more likely, especially if some of your leaders have attached blocks with attributes, like call-out labels and such. I use QSELECT to separate the annotative objects a type at a time.

    NOTE: If the prior dim style was not annotative, you may have to go through and change some annotative scales attached to the dimensions, because they will all automatically assume the current view scale in modelspace which may or may not match the scale of the viewports they will appear in.

    How experienced are you with annotative dims? I have them pretty well down, but they can still be a ball of wet hair at times. You will find that using annotative dimensions will generate a boatload of anonymous blocks that will need purging from time to time.
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