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    Hi PJ01,

    As you are using metric then you may be interested in taking a look at the metric drawing templates here:
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    Another hint in 101 hints, I can see this post going that big, if your drawing square you can drag mouse from a start point and type in correct measurement for that direction much easier than @120<90.

    Also dont be afraid to ask for some cadtutor visitors coded shortcuts like 100l 100u 100r 100d will draw a box with those dimensions.

    Like steven-g once you have multiple objects on your model space reset "Limits" then use "zoom all" this will go to the limits rather than zoom e extents, handy when zooming in and out.

    Lastly "Config" "files" "Template settings" this will set up your template to use all the time. Note save your master dwg as a .DWT
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    Thanks for this valuable information, everyone. Some of it is way above my head, so I am really looking forward to my AutoCAD Fundamentals course ( 16 hours) starting in 3 weeks to better understand this huge software package. Can't wait!

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