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    Question LISP modification request...

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    Hi all,

    I came across a LISP routine that freezes the layer of any selected object. It works great but I want it to viewport freeze layers, not freeze for the entire drawing.

    This is where I found it:

    and this is the code I'd like to have modified: (the code wrap button doesn't seem to work)

    (defun c:LFR (/ CLayer$ EntList@ EntName^ Layer$)
    (setq CLayer$ (getvar "CLAYER"))
    (princ "\nSelect object on layer to freeze")
    (if (setq EntName^ (car (entsel)))
    (setq EntList@ (entget EntName^))
    (setq Layer$ (cdr (assoc 8 EntList@)))
    (if (and (= Layer$ CLayer$)(/= Layer$ "0"))
    (command ".LAYER" "T" "0" "U" "0" "ON" "0" "S" "0" "")
    (if (= Layer$ "0")
    (princ "\nCannot freeze layer 0.")
    (command ".LAYER" "F" Layer$ "")
    );defun c:LFR

    I also attached the actual .LSP file to make it easier.
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