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    Default Creating a drawing "info-file"

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    For a current project, we need to provide a "info-file" for each dwg file.
    This should be in txt or XLS.

    This information file should at least contain the following info:
    - file-name (+ path maybe)
    - XREF names/info
    - used layers
    - used blocks
    - used ctb-file and printer info/settings
    - ...

    Someone was allready starting making this manually in excel but this would be a very long work to do for every drawing.

    Can this be done directly in acad of with a lisp routine or something?

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    Some direction..
    Search for

    Dwgprops + lisp
    Etransmit (+ lisp) to supply and use the transmital reports .txt with the .zip should be good enough imo

    There are tools to write filesize and names in subdirectories.
    Xrefs and more stuff like that can also be found with the external tool 'reference manager'

    Hope some of these ingrediënts might help you..

    I think designers should not be botherred by some control freaks ;-)
    Modelling is done with two hands, 2d & 3d. Let it work together..

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