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    Default Offset polyline trimming

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    I am hoping this will be a simple fix, but searching for the answer has turned up nothing.
    If I offset a self-intersecting polyline, it trims the offset anywhere that it crosses the original polyline. I am looking for a way for the offset to continue through self intersections untrimmed. My hope is that the self-trimming is a "feature", and that there is a way to turn it off, perhaps through a system variable or something. If not, the only way I can think to fix it is to write my own custom offset which doesn't sound very efficient.


    ps. Although I'm posting this in the general autocad area, I'm open to solutions that require autolisp. The reason I'm looking for this answer is to be used in an automated routine once I get past this hurdle.

    I found this thread , but it doesn't give a solution (aside from "use an ancient version on AutoCAD").
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