I have a super frustrating issue.

I can build some very functional dynamic blocks with some very cool geometric constraints etc, but I cannot figure out how to get attributed text to to snap to a geometric constraint.

For example, I have a glass balustrade panel block, it has holes that conform nicely to certain geometric constraints, each time I use this block and insert it into a drawing it has atributed text that labels it as G1 or G2 etc, which can then be extracted into a table for ordering purposes.

it all works very nicely except for one issue.

I want the actual displayed attribute to also label the glass in the drawing, but I want it stay in the geometric centre of the glass panel.

The panel has width and height constraints and I have used and a construction line constrained to give a snap point in the dead centre of the panel.

I cannot get a snap point from the attributed text and its driving me crazy. anyone have a solution?

See the attached image for a visual representation of my issue.