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Thread: One Drive

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    Default One Drive

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    Good morning,

    My personal drive space in work is being migrated to One Drive - cloud storage. In this drive I currently keep a folder of LISP routines that I find useful, and have the startup suite look in there to load them.

    So in advance of me loosing some real drive space and it going into the ether of cloud storage
    - Can the Startup suite refer to cloud storage?
    - Some of my LISP routines have a file path in them to my current LISPs folder, accepting I'll have to change these links now. can these refer to drives in the cloud?

    Are there any other problems people have noticed with the cloud? (ignoring security issues that the data can be stored anywhere in the world that's cheapest... that is another issue)

    Otherwise everything will all get copied back onto the C: drive which looks like a big step backwards - no backups, more work to do when I change PC, have to set things up with a little bit more to work at other desks and so on

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    All you would need to do is change your path to (strcat (getenv "userprofile") "\\OneDrive\\<YOURFOLDER>") assuming you have OneDrive running and you are signed in. It's not a step backwards since all your files reside on the cloud AND your computer. If your computer dies, get a new one .. sign into your account and boom! Files are back.

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    Thanks, I'll have a look at that tomorrow when they're finished.

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