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    Default reinforcement dynamic block

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    Hi All,

    Was wondering if someone would be able to assist with this dynamic block (attached) that i'm trying to set up. I've been trying to make a block for showing reinforcement on details which would show main bar (just a line) along with distribution bars (dots) which you can stretch to suit.

    Ive gotten quite close to getting that sorted but theres a couple more things i'd like to do which I can't seem to work out.

    firstly, the dot for distribution steel is an array action set to 300c/c which works fine when you stretch to the right but not the left. It seems to leave behind the original dot instead of moving it also
    secondly, when you stretch the line it would be good if the dots for distribution steel could also move with it. At the moment they need to be stretched separately

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    have a look at the recent post by Bill Tillman about "picket fence" which had similar questions about right and left.
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