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    Default Need help with insane lag and dark renders

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    I'm on the same system since 2012(no need to upgrade since it runs most things fine), 8mb ram, i7 2600, ssd, HD6950 and ACAD 2013.

    Even on a laptop, basic 3d renders (nothing complicated, just a rectangular house, no furniture), everything chugs along fine.

    Now that i changed to an R9 290, omg it lags to high hell at every single action. If i turn on the Sun status, it lags for 30secs. If i turn on Full Shadows, all hell beaks loose.

    edit: Turned off Shadows and it was better, Shaded with Edges still gave some lag while Shaded is smooth as silk. I give up trying to fix it, i can live with this.
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    Do you have the latest drivers? If the problem started when you changed graphics cards, you need to start looking there.

    I have moved your thread to the AutoCAD 3D Modelling & Rendering Forum, please post your questions in the most appropriate forum.
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