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    Default Text Within Dynamic Block

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    Hi All,

    First post please be gentle...

    I have a 600 x 900 meter panel that can have 1 - 9 meters on it each of the meters has a corresponding Fuse. I label these meters & fuses to suit the project and some examples would be Units 1-9, Apartment G.01-9 etc etc

    Ideally I would use a table that could be quickly edited to change the text rather than the current method of manually editing the text (twice).

    I would aso like to use this MText "variable" in the drawing that I place the block into. I need to label the corresponding circuit breaker.

    Just to throw another curly one into the mix, I sometimes place multiples of this block into the one drawing...

    Could someone point me in the right direction on how I might achieve this?

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    Maybe go in this direction

    Google "link attribute text to table value autocad"

    The pages talk about using fields and attributes in a block.
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