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    Default Solidworks Real View

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    I have been told that Solidworks Real View utility works only with Invidia Quadro model graphics adaptor. At this moment I am using Invidia Geforce and Real View does not work at all.
    I see that the prices of the Quadro vary drastically, like from $30.00 to $400.00. Can someone here share some know-how on this issue please?
    Thank you,
    Ezra Reubenoff

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    I am personally not knowledgeable on RVG as I only use it for one small purpose, but I do know that the more memory in the card, the greater the price. The card that you mention
    for $30.00 probably sports 512 MGB, whereas the $400.00 one probably has 3 or 4 GB. I have seen them having 8 GB and selling for $4,000.00.

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